Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I read this short story a long time ago somewhere. Thought of sharing it with u guys.

I know that you’re mad at me. Well, it’s obvious from the way you looked at me just now. Wait, you didn’t even look at me. I tried to talk to you, but you were ignoring me completely. I’ve apologized million times. Can’t you just let it go already? I knew that it was my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. And I won’t, I promised you. Today was the worst day I’ve had. I just can’t bear the thought of losing you as my best friend. I don’t know about you but I’ve regarded you as part of me. We’ve shared so many things together and went through so many things. I couldn’t focus at all in class just now. In my mind, I was thinking of all the adventures that we went through. I was also thinking of apologizing to you again after school. I looked for you and there you were. I followed you and called you. But you did not answer. I called you again, this time louder, same thing happened. After a few minutes, you wanted to cross a road. Without wasting any time, I called you again. I wanted to tell you that there was a big lorry coming your way. But you weren’t paying any attention!! So I ran towards you and pushed you aside. I looked ahead and saw the lorry right in front of me. If there’s still time I wanna tell you, we are friends forever..

Now that’s what we called a true friend, never give up till the end. Never take ur friendship for granted as we never know what lies ahead. Always appreciate ur friendship, n never wait until when it's too late..

Friday, February 18, 2011

If I am Rich

Hav u ever imagined what would you do if u suddenly become rich?..what would you buy?..where would you live?..well,I have :P

If I am rich..

I will buy Moonlight

My bedroom will have a window which can look for the world

My pet with the diamond teeth

My pretty servant always ready

My glass made only by original diamond

If I have time, I will play golf on the boat

My security for 24 hours

Only spring water from the Himalayas to flush my toilet

Toilet Paper

Only Expensive Perfume can fill in my swimming pool

Only a professional can wash my car which was gold plated

My laptop with diamond edging and has Intel Pentium IX with 30 Gigabite Ram

My travelling car

My holiday house

I guess that's all..I hope that one day they will become reality..who knows rite? :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Test

Test..Well, what do you think?..everyone will, at some point of their lives be facing can be in any forms..for students, it’s more or less like the examination crap..all the way through our lives we had been through numerous tests..UPSR,PMR,SPM,STPM and even in the university..for me, none of the tests listed above can be as important as this one that I’m about to share..
In one night in 2004, when I was in form 3, after finishing our tuition class, my friend, let’s call him rooney, and I were waiting for my dad to pick us up..we were talking about wutever crap when suddenly I asked him bout his friendship with our classmate, Kate (definitely not a real name).he said that they were fine as friend..then he asked me the same question bout me with our other classmate, Lisa (again, not a real name) n I answered the same thing..the thing is, Kate and Lisa were very close same as me with rooney. Suddenly a thought popped into my head..Kindly read the dialogue below :p

Me: Dude, enough with this friendship crap!!
Rooney: What do you mean?
Me: Let’s make a move..
Rooney: U mean, confess?
Me: Yup..I mean, they were showing plenty of good signs..
Rooney: Hmm, ur sure it’s not false hope?
Me: Of course not, trust me dude
Rooney: Hmm, u r rite..when?
Me: Tonite?
Rooney: wahhh..wutever u say dude..
Me: Tomorrow we’ll report on each other k
Rooney: Alrite

N so we did it that nite..we were shocked to learn that both of them gave us the same answer..which is to meet them at recess time tomorrow..we were like ya alrite..during the meeting, they told us that they didn’t believe us..they thought that we wanted to play a trick on we did our best to explain that our feelings were real n we had no intention of joking at all..then, Kate and Lisa told us to give them one week to think about it..and in the meantime, they told us to do what we should do..n so it began..
Throughout the week Rooney n me did everything that we could to prove our feelings..kindly read the list below
-change our seating position to be near them..
-offer to accompany them in walking back home from school everyday
-refrain ourselves from talking to other girls (this is really hard, seriously :p)
-send them nice message everyday
-create a poem for them n read it in front of them (seriously this was really embarrassing)
And on the very last day, we gave them a rose each, a very delicate one I supposed :p

I have always regarded those 7 days as a test that Rooney and I had to that 7 days, we had done everything that we could n gave everything that we had towards it..for me, it will always be the most important test in my whole life and I will never ever forget about it =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

History of Mobile Phone

looking at the title one must've thought that this entry will be about the history of the creation of mobile phone..well,that's definitely not true..instead,it will be about all of my previous hp :P

this was my first ever hp back in dad gave it to me coz at that time,i was attending lot n lot of tuition classes n he said that it's necessary for me to have one so that i could giv him a call when i'm done..i remember that when he told me that,i managed to maintain a cool n macho face in front of him..after he went away,i was shouting like crazy..finally,a hp!! more borrow borrow from my sis :P..he also mentioned that never misuse comment..lalalala

haha..i only used this one for a couple of days before it got's my sister' first camera this time,even if the camera was like only 0.0001 megapixel,it still cool..missing those days..phew..

haha again..i used this one after spm until i've finished my so 'damn good' National actually belong to my brother's friend..not quite sure really..lalalala..well,i kinda like this one the most because of the sentimental value that most the sms in it contained..from who?..we'll get to that some other time :P..unfortunately they're all gone after this hp died..sigh

lalalala..after my previous one died,i did manage to land my hand on this one..bought it in mid valley in 2007..therefore was damn expensive..not a very smart move actually..hate the silver keypad thingy coz after a few days got the chocolate thingy (karat i supposed?)..not a nice phone,sorry..lalalala

then at the end of the yer 2007,my modern mobile era's N73..with 3.2mp camera,it's quite cool at that time..unfortunately,it didn't last long..battery,housing n other things were shit..seriously..

i managed to obtain this one after selling the shitty previous's bout april 2008 i guess..i was the first to use a 5mp camera phone among my peers..kinda unique thing bout this phone is the keypad..damn tiny n hard to use..but i managed myself well..well, addicted with tennis game..seriously,managed to beat federer n agassi,u name it..haha..but as usual,did not last long..sigh masterpiece..managed to sell the previous one to get this one in april 2009..turned out to be the best purchase ever..the camera is superb..5mp with carl zeiss optic n with xenon flash..the only model with that kinda flash..other nokia models only hav carl zeiss optic without the that explains it all :p..still using it now..that's y i've mentioned before that it's the best purchase's been almost 2 years now..hope that it will last forever..i phone 4? way..just a waste of money if u ask me..haha

last but not least,this one is my second phone..coz i did use 2 numbers back in malaysia,so decided to hav a 2nd phone..still in gud collecting dust coz i only use lebara the greatest here..

dat's it for mobile phone..i understand that it's a must,but try not to be tempted with all the so called great models on the's just a gimic..after a while,a more interesting one will come y bother?..dat's only my generous opinion=)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fav Sport

from all of the sports that exist in the world,I preferred only one,which is badminton..I started playing competitively since I was 10 when I used to follow my dad playing with his friends..
below is the video of me playing in one of the competition before..

I'm the one who's wearing the red shirt :p :p :p

Amazed?..u shud be..hehe

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can a Man and a Woman be just "friends"?

what a question..of course,there are no right or wrong answer to this particular question..however,I will try to provide my views from both sides..

Man and Woman can be just "friends"
-let say if hosni and lisa are just friends,it might be that they found each other other words,hosni is not attracted to lisa at all and lisa too..therefore, they're able to suppress their 'loveness'(is there such word?) from might be a cruel fact,but that's the truth(might be)..

Man and Woman can't be just "friends"
-most of us will agree with this one..definitely..i've heard people saying that 'ahhh,there're no ways that it could's just tooooo illogical'..i think it's like a chain reaction effect..break the ice,be friends, and then u noe wut..

well,wutever it is,I think that it's possible both ways..but one thing for sure,it's really hard if a friend is in love with his or her friend..i noe this for sure because i hav a friend who used to love his girl bestfriend in secret..n seeing him,i could clearly see the suffering that he had to endure all these years..when i talked to him,he simply said,'no worries,as long as i could make her happy,that's the only thing that matters' that's what u called 'unconditional love'..

Friday, December 31, 2010

One Year In England, a Reflection

One year in England, a reflection..well, that seems to be the title for this post..because here I will somewhat summarise everything that had been achieved, or done by me throughout the year 2010..gotta be quite a long entry but I will try to make it as short as possible..

2010 can be considered as a remarkable year since it began with a ‘memorable’ trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow..memorable coz it’s an extreme trip whereby we happened to go to the coldest place in the coldest time of the year..then, in February we went to Blackpool, Manchester and Liverpool before embarking on an expensive trip to the Scandinavian countries comprises of Norway, Sweden and Denmark during the Spring Break..

After that, we were busy preparing for our first year exams..few of us decided to form an emergency study group in 3 weeks prior to our exact examination date..all of us managed to do it well alhamdulillah..

Then, I also joined the Buddy scheme where I’ve been assigned to a local student to be my buddy..we met once a week and talked about life here as a for volunteering work, I’ve been volunteering in Strode Park and managed to collect 10 hours which proved to be worthwhile since we had been awarded with certificate from the Mayor of Canterbury..

During Summer Break I managed to land a job as a cleaner..worked for a period of 2 months..learnt so many things and entitled to the same routine,gym,,gym,swimming..the feeling can be described as an ‘institutionalization’ where you feel that u’ve been part of the society here..despite of the busy schedule, I managed to go for a holiday in Paris, organized a barbeque party and mow our lawn..

After the Summer Break and until the end of the year, I had travelled to London and meet our Oppositon Leader, went to Newcastle, watched a live football match between Arsenal and Newcastle and participated in a Badminton tournament in Nottingham..

In conclusion, I think that 2010 was a wonderful year for me since I had managed to do so many things..interesting things..things that I’ve never even dreamt of doing such as travelling,cooking,volunteering,working out,working and mowing the other words, coming to England was the best thing that ever happened to me which had provided me the opportunity to live life to the fullest and discover new things in life..with the new year approaching, I hope that I can make it another wonderful year..till then,welcome 2011 and gudbye 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Trip-Bienvenue a Paris Bonjour Bonjour

Well, since it’s summer, u can’t expect me to work all the way rite?..there must a quick getaway or wut u called, a trip..yup..summer trip..after coming with numerous plans, finally my fren n I decided to pay a visit to the most romantic city o Earth, Paris of’s a 3 days n 2 nights visit..

We went there on Friday by usual, went to London first before changing bus straight to Paris..eurolines..dat’s da name of the company..the trip was during the night therefore we juz slept all the way..i remembered waking up in the middle of the nite feeling uneasy n slightly hot..turned out that we r in a train..meaning the bus that we were in were in a train..i was like..ok cool..haha..then dozed off again..

We arrived in the morning at the bus first, we didn’t know wut to do n too afraid since it’s a general fact that the French doesn’t speak English..they even despise it..but out of desperation, we tried our luck n actually, in Paris it’s fine..but if u go deeper into France such as Lyon or Marseille, then it would have been a problem..our first destination, Eiffel tower..we were supposed to meet a fren there before beginning our journey throughout Paris..she’s kinda late therefore we got to spend hours in front of the Eiffel’s cool actually..lying down on the grass overlooking the tower..feels so relaxing..

When she finally arrived, we went to our lodging..but since it’s too too crappy,we decided to stay in a hotel instead..the cost is actually almost the same compared to the’s juz we backpackers usually assumed that hostel is always cheap n therefore didn’t mind to search for’s ok, more trips to come after this=)..

Since we’ve got plenty of times, we managed to cover almost all the attractions in the city..Eiffel tower, the Louvre where they kept Mona Lisa portrait, the Notre Dame where Quasimodo used to live, the Opera House where Phantom of the Opera used to be, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur which is located at the highest point of the city n we even went to the Stade de France, the stadium where France last won the World Cup defeating Brazil in 1998..

Overall, this trip was a success..plenty of times, nice lodging n of course, nice places..Paris is really a must go city for everyone in I understand y people doesn’t make a much fuss if u said that u’ve been to Sweden, Denmark or others but quickly caught in amazement if u said that u’ve been to Paris=)..the city is just amazing=)