Wednesday, December 31, 2008

‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ Details Emerge


I still remember watching the cartoon series years ago with full anticipation.I'm so happy when they finally decided to make a movie out of the franchise in 2007.Currently almost 2 years after da 1st movie made it's debut,it's time for da sequel to emerge.I’m ultra-excited at the prospect of the Autobots and Decepticons doing battle once again in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

USA Today has posted a lengthy progress report on how the film is coming along. The plot once again deals with the Decepticons going after Sam (Shia LaBeouf) and Mikaela (Megan Fox), this time to secure information they have regarding the history and origins of the Transformers.

The rest of the world is now involved, with countries and humanity as a whole trying to figure out which giant transforming robots to trust. An international coalition has at least chosen the right side, aligning itself with the Autobots. Although what humanity hopes to do against the Decepticons without the help of their robot friends remains to be seen.

The military is once again playing a big part in this movie, with plenty of army equipment and vehicles on display. So once again, Transformers is going to be a kind of advert for the U.S. military. Filming took place at a New Mexico missile range and on one of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza.

Let's just hope that they won't screw this 1 big time.Sorry guys,but i'm still traumatised with Hancock.I hope dat u know wut i meant.:p

Top Ten Box-Office Hits Of 2008

Top Ten Box-Office Hits Of 2008

The end of the year is nigh, and with it comes every movie blogger and reviewers list of their favorite films of 2008. But really, at the end of the day, while critical acclaim is nice, a movie’s success can only really be based on whether it made any money or not, and if it did, how much.

Dark Horizons lists the top ten box-office hits both stateside and worldwide. Both lists show the usual suspects we’d all expected to be there, and both lists match up pretty well. However, there are some interesting diversities and number-crunching matters going on under the surface.

2008 U.S. Domestic Box-Office Top Ten

1. The Dark Knight - $530.9 million
5. Iron Man - $318.3 million
2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $317.0 million
4. Hancock - $227.9 million
8. WALL-E - $223.8 million
3. Kung Fu Panda - $215.4 million
9. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - $174.9 million
6. Twilight - $167.3 million
7. Quantum of Solace - $164.3 million
10. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! - $154.5 million

2008 Worldwide Box-Office Top Ten

1. The Dark Knight - $996.9 million
2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $786.6 million
3. Kung Fu Panda - $631.9 million
4. Hancock - $624.4 million
5. Iron Man - $581.9 million
6. Mamma Mia! - $572.2 million
7. Quantum of Solace - $537.1 million
8. WALL-E - $507.3 million
9. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - $457.2 million
10. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $419.6 million

The Dark Knight was always going to top a list of earners, and it does so twice over. This shows how huge Batman and comic book heroes in general are around the world. Indiana Jones also did spectacularly well despite not exactly a fan favorite. I must admit I really liked the spectacle, and if you go back and watch the original trilogy you’ll realize they actually aren’t all that great.

It’s interesting to note that both Mamma Mia and Quantum of Solace did much better outside of the States than in it. While films such as Iron Man and Hancock truly have universal appeal. It may be wrong to look at films in terms of money but that is what pays the studios bills and ensures new releases every year after all.


there's a girl..
whose name is..

when people asked me..
who is she?..
i said..
she's juz a friend..

i don't know..
but all that i can say was..
she was different from others..

the way she talked..
the way she behaved..
the way she took care of things..

n da most important thing..
the way she took care of her feelings..
which made her very special indeed..

n for me..
i'm very thankful to have met her..
although i've done nothing for her..
i juz want her to know dat..
i'll always be there for her..
as her friend of course..

any place..
n hopefully..
for forever n ever..

ps:britney actually presents da one who has yet to make her debut in my life..:p


before i met her,my life was boring..
before i met her,my life was empty..
before i met her,my life was nothing..

but then,one day i met her..
juz looking at her for da 1st time i knew..
that there is something very special bout her..

bout her gorgeous face..
bout her shining eyes..
bout her intelligent brain..

n it's true..
coz after i met her,my life had changed..

it became more interesting..
it became more awesome..
it became more meaningful..

all these were because..

if only that she is here..
i wish that i could tell her..
bout how important..
was she in my life..

n no one can replace her..
no one..
juz britney..

ps:britney actually presents da one who has yet to make her debut in my life..:p

something about school..

to others..
it's juz a learning place..
but for me..
it's more than juz a learning place..
it's a place..
where life actually starts..
because in here..
we learn to be someone..
not juz anyone..
but someone..
that's what..
makes school so special..
and no other places..
can replace it..
no other..
juz school..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a mother's love's not only bout da superpowers or heroic act or else..when i roughly doing my usual reading regarding da superman franchise i realized something dat most probably everyone had missed out..a mother's love..not between clark and his adoptive mother but with his biological mother.

During da 3rd season of smallville in the memoria episode,clark was in summerholt when he came across with his earliest memories..his biological parents(jor-el n lara) were putting him inside a spaceship on krypton juz a moment before da planet was bout to explode..his biological mother's only fear was that no one will ever love him.

Well..martha then said to clark that she can imagined da agony of having to send her own son across da star..clark responded to her by saying that he wished dat lara could've met that he could tell her wut a great mum he has..martha then told clark that lara knows..a mother's love never dies..n they embraced each other..for me,this is the best scene dat i've watched in smallville.

ps:u can watch this clip at youtube,juz type 'smallville memoria clark tells martha about lara'


Brilliant!..dat's da only word which best described this tv a splendid,intriguing and great show..i juz finished watching season 4 n guess what?..i'm totally amazed by it..especially episode which desmond needed to find a constant so that he wont die..i'm obsessed with dat particular episode n luv it entirely..i'm crazy rite?..mayb i am.

But wutever it is,there are 2 seasons left and season 5 will be on air january next year (2009)..the series will end its debut during the sixth n da final be exact,episode 117th..everything will be revealed by then..bout the others..da dharma initiative..jacob..the secret of the island..evil plot by charles whitmore.

Although most of us can already guess da outcome of da series but here's da thing..da ending n conclusion will be da most shocking of all n it's da best way to end it(according to da director)..but wutever it is,it will remain as my most favourite series..

nothing to be hysterical bout

i juz watched diz movie recently n guess wut?..very,very frustrating..boring..wut a waste..i think diz is da first time dat i ended up in a deep frustration with da local movies..i wonder how much money did the director pay to the reporter in da newspaper..coz da review did say tonnes of good and great things regarding this movie..enough is here's da truth bout da muvie..
-bad storyline..
-bad acting..
-poor dialogue..
i dun noe why the press keep on lying bout da muvie..
well..i might think more than twice to watch a local muvie in the future..

bad newz for all da movie goers..

Guess what..starting next year,we might hav to dig deeper into our pocket if we r going to watch any hollywood movies.i noe,it is frustrating but it juz might happen if a proposal by the Malaysian Film Producers Association to increase da ticket price for da hollywood movies to rm20 is accepted by the government.

Owh my..the reason is to ensure that we won't abandon da local movies like we always did before.i really,really dun think dat it's relevant to execute such act..what a selfish thought..but i think even if they hike da price,people still wont bother to spend their money on da local's what will take place next.da piracy business will boom and it's a gudnite to da cinema will cause a chain reaction of event which will eventually hit our economic sector.

Now they are waiting for da greenlight from da government..let's juz hope dat the government will giv this matter a serious thought n prevent da hike from taking place at all..come on..we hav suffered enough from da effects of da fuel this?..come on..giv us a break will ya?