Sunday, November 15, 2009

guy fawkes night!!

'remember,remember the fifth of november'..does that line sound familiar?..hope it's a line from one of my favourite movies entitled 'V for Vendetta'..i like this movie very much because it's bout the fight of the people towards their government..since i seems to have quite an interest in politic myself,i couldn't think of any reason on why shouldn't i like this movie..

last week,on 7th of november, my friends and i went to the celebration located in tyres hill..we weren't quite sure wut it's called therefore we juz regard it as 'Guy Fawkes Night'..we went there by nightfall..

at first i thought that we will be going there by bus..but actually it's a 1 hour walk..owh my..the weather is freezing..but we still went since we didn't want to miss the firewoks.. n so we walked n walked..

when we arrived there,it's freezing..damn freezing..the temperature might b below 3 degrees..but it's quite a nice place..n quite an interesting tiny n small funfair..but we weren't there for that..we wanted to see the fireworks..we secluded the best spot ever n stood there for almost an hour..

finally it began..gotta tell u that it was amazing..the fireworks lasted for almost half an hour..wutever it is,i was glad since after admiring the movie for years, finally i got to involve in a celebration relating to it..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'reading week' in Margate yeah!!

's me again..well,who else could it b rite? i'm going to write about my recent visit to was a picnic since margate is located by the seaside..or margate is located by the sea shore..or margate is near to the sea..

judging by the title of this particular post,1 would b wondering y wuz it written in such a way..well it's bcoz i went there during the reading's a week dedicated to us by our beloved university so that we would able to catch up n work out on our assignments..but instead of doing all that,here i was..margate..then london..but i still managed to do some work towards the end of this reading week so no worries..hihi..

we went there by bus n it took bout 45minutes to get there..upon arriving there,i felt at peace since it's a sea..typical rite?..sea does bring back many memories..hihi..but it was quite windy n towards the evening,it wuz starting to get damn cold..but we still managed to hav a gud time n took many photos..

i learnt something on that day which is no matter where you go, sea will always be the same..wutever that means..hihi

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

london,tale of the 3 visits..

heyya2 i'm going to write briefly about 3 of my recent visits to london..well to be exact it's not that recent but screw it anyway..hihi.. old city with an ancient history dated back thousand of years ago..n i've been dreaming to be here since i was small..well, dreams do come true rite?..i've been to london 3 times..however,each 1 of my visit had it's own agende n none of them included tour of london i supposed..

well,the first was on 26 of september..we went there to attend the Malaysian Student Department's (MSD) raya open house..since this is da first time that we went to london,i was quite excited..however, a series of unfortunate event had tore those cheerful thoughts..

then, during the second visit, which was very brief, i went there with 4 of my friends to cash in our travellers's another a series of unfortunate event but i dun wanna write it down..lalalala

finally, the most recent visit, last 2 weeks i supposed, was to do my winter shopping..i went there with 6 of my friends n all of them were girls..juz imagined the amount of time that i had to wait for them to do their shopping..hihi..

we went to primark which is located in oxford street in order to do our shopping..even though it was weekdays,there were still so many people..they even lining up to use the fitting room..however,i met someone that day..someone who used to be famous..n still famous i's pak lah!..hihi..or Tun Abdullah Ahmad's ironic coz i've been in malaysia for 20 years but never saw him..well,life is unpredictable rite..

i went there n approached with the coolest line ever..i said 'assalamualaikum..pak lah?..then he nodded''s so refreshing..then he uttered the best line ever,'enjoy!'..indeed we will..

after that, upon finishing our shopping, we strolled across da oxford street..people were staring at us since we carried so many bags..i supposed that it might be normal back in Malaysia but it's kinda weird here..wutever that means..a lot of people,tourist i supposed were asking us the location of's like we were an ambassador or something..we just carried on n on..

now i'm looking forward for my next trip to london which is due in 24th of december..that will b da coolest trip ever bcoz i will visit most of the interesting place over there..=)

Monday, November 9, 2009

canterbury,kent,united kingdom, the raya..

heyya2..long time no always,i will do the best to invest my time in this thing that we all call blog..n i've got a lot of catching up to do..beginning with this 1 which is about the hari raya celebration that we celebrated almost 2 months ago..

as u can see, this is the first time that we celebrated our raya thousand miles apart from our loved ones..well,there's nothing that we can do about it so we decided just to get on with it..

during the early of the raya morning, when i woke up, a surge of sadness kept coming into my head..then i started to listen to da takbir n some of the raya songs in youtube which in return had worsen my condition..

after that i decided to go for a jog in order to sure the sadness..therefore i went i embracing the 'nothingness' of raya celebration here..that's quite an experience bcoz back in Malaysia there's no way that i will get the chance to do something like that..

in the afternoon, we went to john's house n celebrated our raya my very own surprised,it was quite nice..we got to meet some of the lecturers n took some photos n things like that..

so this is what it feels like to celebrate raya abroad, i told myself..n it's going to b like this for the next 3 years..mayb next year i'll celebrate da raya in europe or else..who knows rite?..=p