Saturday, February 21, 2009

the truth..

finally the day dat i've been waiting for..
finally the moment dat i've been waiting for..
on wednesday and thursday,i've been assigned to relief two form 5 classes n one form 3 classes..
wow..i'm so looking forward to this..finally i've got the shot..

however,i found out that it's not that easy to become a teacher..the truth behind it had put me in a deep shock over the last few days..i've never thought dat the students would be that bad..i never thought dat the students would be in that awful condition..however,they are..

the truth is,some of them has no idea on what's their ambition going to be like..some of them even said that they want to be a 'mat rempit'..n sum of them answered that 'xtau la' this what a student should be?..

owh my..i wonder wut would happen if i'm going to be their teacher?..pliz note dat it's possible that i'm going to teach this kind of students in the future..

well,on that day all i could do was giving them piece of advice to remind them regarding the importance of succeeding in their education..hope that they would buy it..

in 4 years times i'll be off to teach..n when that time arrived,i hope that i'd be well prepared to bring my students away from the darkness and show them the right way..

well,it's not a choice..but it's a must..coz it's my job..n noone else ought to do it but me..

Monday, February 16, 2009

wut a day..

well..finally the first day of this school experience is over..although i'm not that tired,but still there are lotz to tell..

as i've expected earlier,coming back to school for da 1st time really bringing back old memories..
while attending the school's weekly asembly,it reminds me of my days before as a student..

i used to talk quietly during assembly..and wondering wut it feels like to be at the teacher's place during the i noe..
while having meal at da school canteen,it reminds me of my day before as a student..

i used to hav my meal at the canteen before..and wondering wut it feels like to hav my meal at the teacher's i noe..

i used to call my teacher as sir or teacher and greet them each time i passed them before as a student..and wondering wut it feels like to be greet and being called as i noe..

well,i havent got the chance to teach the students yet..but when i do,i'm sure that it will be the most important moment in my life..

because i'm a teacher..
always be..
and always will..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to school..

today is the day..
finally it comes..
the day which will mesmerize everything..
today is the day..
when i'll be going back to school..
yes,back to school..
finally..after 3 years of absenties..i'm back..
not as a student of course..but as a future teacher..
future educator..
someone who will make a difference in everyone's life..
i hope that today will act as the starting point of my me a fresh start..
in pursuing my dream career..i hope that today..the good memories of the old will be relieved again by me..upon coming back to school..for da 1st time in 3 years..
today is the day..