Monday, March 30, 2009


well..even though the holiday is long gone,the memory of it won't go that easy..this is because,believe it or not, it 's da most hectic 1 dat i've had so far..

well,on monday i went to kuantan in order to retrieve my spm's a four hours journey from here..then went ack to kl at da same day..8 hours in the bus..

then,went to my college at da same day to retrieve sum stuffs dat i've left..bear in mind dat it's involving two line of trains n endless walk..

the very next day,i went to port dickson with 2 of my childhood's a 2days n 1 night unplanned vacation..very,very tiring n exciting though..

then finally i went back home..the rest of the holiday were spent either by watching tv,surfing the net n read a bit..

i thought dat diz was going to be a lame holiday but's da other way round indeed..