Friday, December 31, 2010

One Year In England, a Reflection

One year in England, a reflection..well, that seems to be the title for this post..because here I will somewhat summarise everything that had been achieved, or done by me throughout the year 2010..gotta be quite a long entry but I will try to make it as short as possible..

2010 can be considered as a remarkable year since it began with a ‘memorable’ trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow..memorable coz it’s an extreme trip whereby we happened to go to the coldest place in the coldest time of the year..then, in February we went to Blackpool, Manchester and Liverpool before embarking on an expensive trip to the Scandinavian countries comprises of Norway, Sweden and Denmark during the Spring Break..

After that, we were busy preparing for our first year exams..few of us decided to form an emergency study group in 3 weeks prior to our exact examination date..all of us managed to do it well alhamdulillah..

Then, I also joined the Buddy scheme where I’ve been assigned to a local student to be my buddy..we met once a week and talked about life here as a for volunteering work, I’ve been volunteering in Strode Park and managed to collect 10 hours which proved to be worthwhile since we had been awarded with certificate from the Mayor of Canterbury..

During Summer Break I managed to land a job as a cleaner..worked for a period of 2 months..learnt so many things and entitled to the same routine,gym,,gym,swimming..the feeling can be described as an ‘institutionalization’ where you feel that u’ve been part of the society here..despite of the busy schedule, I managed to go for a holiday in Paris, organized a barbeque party and mow our lawn..

After the Summer Break and until the end of the year, I had travelled to London and meet our Oppositon Leader, went to Newcastle, watched a live football match between Arsenal and Newcastle and participated in a Badminton tournament in Nottingham..

In conclusion, I think that 2010 was a wonderful year for me since I had managed to do so many things..interesting things..things that I’ve never even dreamt of doing such as travelling,cooking,volunteering,working out,working and mowing the other words, coming to England was the best thing that ever happened to me which had provided me the opportunity to live life to the fullest and discover new things in life..with the new year approaching, I hope that I can make it another wonderful year..till then,welcome 2011 and gudbye 2010