Friday, June 26, 2009

a trip to singapore:part 3,the turning point and the end..

departure hall,terminal 3,changi airport..
hard rock cafe singapore..
with the sweetest people of singapore..
masjid sultan..
arab street..
masjid sultan..
murtabak singapore..damn gud..
kallang roar..
terminal 2,changi airport..
terminal 1,changi airport..
splendid view..
departure hall..
gardenic airport..
outside the airport..
they even hav tv in the bus..
dinner with mak a..
orchard road,takashimaya..
orchard road..
orchard road..
great view..
in front of their house..
living room..
need a ride?..
retreating from a wonderful trip..
hye again..finally..the final entry for the trip to singapore..during the end of part 2,i stopped at the point where we almost fainted upon performing our zuhur prayer at the sultan mosque..well,considering the fact that we had walked n walked for hours,it'd be a surprised if we didn't..we still had a lot of places to go,n we still haven't done our shopping friend faez even retreated from our plan to go to orchard road that night n asked me if i could go there alone..i wuz like wut the heck..but he might be rite,we r damn tired..

but juz when it seemed that all hope is lost,we met faez's relative..she's a distant relative of him,as i said b4 in part 1,she's faez's mother's brother's wife's sister..we call her mak a..upon meeting her,she's really happy upon seeing us n lamenting why hadn't we call her earlier..coz if we did,she would've been able to take us to more n more places..but wut's done is done rite..she took us to the arab street n we did a lot of our shopping there..i'm surprised with the fact that it's damn cheap to shop here..u can get 6 keychains for juz 3dollar..a wallet for 2dollar,a shirt for juz 5dollar n lots of other things..i did most of my shopping for my family n friends over there..finally,i said to myself..when u went for a trip,it'd b a must to buy something for ur family n friends..if not then i'd feel a surge of guilt..dun noe why..mayb it's bcoz dat it's a sign of remembrance..wutever that means..u figure that out..lalalala..

after that,mak a took us to a nice place to hav our lunch..she said that they r pioneer in briyani..n many famous people had been there..even najib..well,quite a place..n the briyani also was very delicious..during lunch,we got to hear a lot of stories from her..a bit bout her family,about singapore n wuz in this moment too that mak a received a phone call,from her sister i guess..then after hung up,she told us that we will be going back to our hotel,check out n spend the night at their place question asked..we were in shock..but we didn't hav a choice..then mak a took us to bugis mrt's like petaling street over there..with lotz n lotz of shops n people..since i've done my shopping juz now,i juz made a quick tour over the place without buying anything..there were so many people n it's quite hard for u to do your shopping..but i thought that a girl would definitely never giv a damn bout that n would've done their shopping anyway..but i'm not a girl..nor i'm a dat's it..hihi..

then,we went to our hotel..pliz bear in mind that it's a very,very long walk from the mrt station..but we walked anyway..upon arriving at the hotel,we discovered that we wouldn't be able to get our money back for the other night since it's it meant 63dollar juz burnt like dat..or so we thought..y did i say so?..later u'll know..:P..after finishing our packing,we went to mak a first i wuz like owh my..hav to walk again to the mrt station..with our bags..but then something happened..mak a stopped a cab..can u believe it?..a cab..faez n i were like, seems that mak a really knew exactly wut wuz in our mind..she's very nice really..even if we juz met,the way she approached us was like she had known us for a very long's gud to know a nice people like her..

it took us almost 15minutes to mak a house..upon arriving at her house,we were like this true?'s a double storey house..with lawn n everything..can u imagine? in singapore n get to own a huge house..with the lawn n everything..n there's a car too..not juz a car,it's u hav any idea how much would it cost u to own a car in singapore?..but we kept our amazement to ourselves..then,we met the rest of faez's relative..there's six people residing in the house..4 of them r mak a's siblings n the other 1 is their aunty..we recieved the warmest welcome ever from all of them despite of the fact that their house is undergoing a huge renovation at the moment..they even gave us ang pow..owh my..diz is too much,we both thought..but we couldn't do anything..then we had a rest for a while n went to orchard road that evening..

we took a bus to the mrt station n took a train straight to orchard be exact,orchard road is like starhill..hav u been to bintang walk?..pretty much like dat..except that it's more happening n nice..we walked n's so beautiful n havoc to be here on saturday nite..but hey,it's worth it..:)..then we went to hard rock cafe singapore n mak a bought us a great gift from there..we were overwhelmed at that moment..she's so nice,nice n nice to us..we tried to refuse her gift but to no avail..then,she took us to dinner at coffee bean..we ate egg sandwiches n drank ice blended chocolate..very's an unforgettable meal..very delicious..then we went home..

upon arriving at home,we were so damn tired..but i'd rather not to sleep straightaway..coz i didnt want that night to end..coz we will be going home the next day n i wouldn't want that to happen actually..i was so sad that eventually this wonderful trip will finally come to an end..before dozing off,i read the latest issue of readers digest n reflecting a bit on the trip..but hey,we still hav one place to go's the changi airport..mak a had promised us to take us n we r going to hav our breakfast there at the cool is dat?..then before i knew it,i had fallen asleep..zzzzzzzzz

the next morning,we went to the changi airport,the top 5 on the chart for busiest airport around the world..there r 3 terminal,terminal 1,terminal 2 n terminal 3 with terminal 3 being the latest to be built..we went to terminal 3 first..we discovered that it's so wonderful..the design is very,very nice n splendid indeed..i wuz so amazed..damn amazed a drunken master we took a lot of photos inside,outside n beneath the's airport is a wonder..wutever that means..huhu..after having breakfast,we went for a brief tour to kallang national stadium(kallang roar) n mustapha centre(mydin malaysia) before finally going back..i felt so damn sad at that moment..but hey,there's gotta be more to come rite?..i told myself..

as a brief reflection on this wonderful trip,i had learnt so many things..we should always be nice to people..n we should always stick together as family no matter wut..n no matter where we go,friendship will always be there(only certain people will know wut this actually means,:P)..i would like to thank mak a n all of her family members one more time..meeting u guyz wuz the best thing that ever happened to us..i wish u guys every happiness..hope that we'll meet again another time..n 1 more thing,i kinda discovered my real self in this trip..i realised now wut actually tend to be my's travelling..i really love to travel..n dat's da truth..hope that there's more to come..:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a trip to singapore:part 2,the exploration..

inside the esplanade..
outside the esplanade..
the central business district of singapore..
beneath the suburb of the lion city..
with my buddy faez..
the merlion..
explore n explore!!
during the exploration..
raffles statue..couldn't find the white 1..
chevron house..
chevron house again..
lavender street.. let's continue with part 2,the exploration..well,it's saturday n we woke up early..6.30am i guess..of course early..i wouldn't want to waste my precious time here on the bed ain't i?..dat's wut i thought..after getting ready,drafted our plan for that day,we headed away to the city..we discovered that actually we had walked a station away..y did i say so?..yesterday we stopped at kallang mrt station n walked to our hotel from there..but actually the nearest to our hotel is the aljunied station..which 1 station away..wah..but it's least we got to explore the area rite? we walked to the aljunied station..which is like a quarter from our walk yeaterday..

upon arriving at the station,we were kinda blur..coz there were too many places to go n we were like didn't noe where to start..n so we decided to ask one of the staff there..unlike our staff,who will usually snap at u or be angry at u for asking a simple question,this guy was hell of a nice guy..he did his best ot explain to us on where to go n wut to do..where can we get a good food,where can we shop n the most important thing,where is the raffles statue,the merlion n where is the central business district..coz for me,this trip would be for nothing if we didn't get to go to those places..

but first,he asked us to get our ticket for the return journey to kl asap coz it might be sold out n we might hav to stay for another day or according to him,it is vital to get hold of the ticket home first,n then only we would be able to plan our journey nicely..n so we did that..we went to the lavender mrt station n headed for the ticket counter..we asked a local there n he said that the ticket counter is situated at the golden mile mall n it's a 15minutes walk from there..wah..another journey..but it's k..we r traveler now ain't we?..n so we walked..walked n walked..through the suburban of singapore..this is what i've always want actually..a real exploration..not with the tour guide or wutever..but on our own..huhu..managed to snap some pictures there..after purchasing our ticket,which cost us 30dollar each,we fled to raffles's where the raffles statue,merlion,the esplanade n the central business district r..

upon arriving at the raffles station,again we didn't noe where to head we asked a local again..this is time a usual,with friendly face he helped us n even gave us a free map..wah..n so we begun our journey across the lion city..we got to chevron housen managed to take sum pictures..wah..the whole area is like a great great modern city..well,after having to crawl along the slump geylang area n lavender,finally we r here..the central business district of singapore..i've been dreaming to be here since i was small..or young..n finally i'm here..yeah!!..n so we walked..n walked..n took more n more pictures..of ourselves,of the area n many more..i felt so happy n thrilled..eventhough that it's so hot n we r thirsty like hell,it doesn't matter..but we sure did underestimate two things..transport n drinks..coz we had to spend quite a lot on both of these..but it's ok..we can manage..or so we thought..huhu..after we found the raffles statue n the merlion,we decided to walk our way to the esplanade,it's like the sydney opera house but it's more cool i think..with the durian like ceiling..then we took a lot more pictures n my friend,faez received a phone's from his relative residing here in's his mother's brother's wife's sister..complex isn't it?..huhu..she wanted to meet us at the masjid sultan near the arab street..

i wuz like,ok y we went to the wut we thought the nearest mrt station to that place named little india..upon arriving there,we discovered that we had to walk n walk for approximately 20minutes..wah..again,another journey..but as usual,we wouldn't mind coz this is wut it's all about..a trip..or an exploration..or a holiday..for me,i like to travel..especially to explore a distant it a city or else..n so we walked..when we finally arrived at the masjid sultan,we were already damn tired n almost faint..but we still force ourselves n told ourselves that it's going to be ok..after meeting faez's relative,we'll be fine maybe..n be able to finish our journey across singapore..well,were we?..will we be fine?..let's see bout that in a trip to singapore:part 3,the turning point..:P..

a trip to singapore:part 1,the arrival..

almost there..
geylang..wut i told ya,bad isn't it?
nice 1..well,for 63dollar per nite,wut'd u expect..
ticketing machine..everything uses this..
act normal,but actually damn tired..
during the walk through geylang..
still got a time for photo ain't i..
kallang mrt station..
the map for the whole mrt n lrt route

last friday,i went to singapore with one of my childhood friend, was a 3days 2nights trip n involving juz da 2 of us..well,people might say that it would be so much fun to go with more companions but as for me,it's better to go in pair,as long as both of u really wanted to go rather than to go in a big group,but full with people that have been forced to go..wutever that means..huhu..anyway,we took a bus from pudu at 10am..before we depart,the driver asked me we do i want to get off,woodland or jurong east..since diz is my first visit to singapore since i was small,i wuz like ok wut the heck..i juz said the 1 nearest to the mrt station..

then da bus departed at precisely 10am..since it's a 6hours trip,i thought dat both of us will surely doze off along da way..but it didn't happen at all..instead,we were too bz talking until we arrived in johor heart leaped when finally we could see the lion city from distance..finally we r almost there..we had to get through 2 immigrations centre..1 in jb n 1 in singapore..both r ok..but da singaporean r more aware of the h1n1 disease since they hav the gun like thing to check on every 1..luckily we r fine..we also had to fill a form that asked many things especially regarding our purpose of visit..

finally when everything's settled,we waited for the bus to take us to jurong east..but hell no..the bus isn't seemed that the driver had decided to ditch us there..owh my..this isn't happening..i said to myself..juz imagine..we r both stranded in a country without no one expecting us n without knowing where to go..but i tried not to panic n look for a solution..then i saw people lining up for busses i guess..i asked 1 of them n he said that this bus is going to keranji mrt station..owh we waited n when the bus arrived,we took off..

it's juz a couple of minutes ride..upon arriving at the mrt station,again,we r like lost..dun noe wut to do..huhu..the only thing dat we knew at dat time was our target hotel is located near the kallang station..pliz note that we haven't book da it's like a huge gamble for us..after uncovering the complexity of the mrt map system,we knew that we r going hav to transit a train before finally get to the kallang station..but's like 10stations away..gulp..well,juz go for it then..we thought..

when the train arrived,we got's so huge n spacious..unlike ours back home,diz 1 is so long n spacious..i think almost thousand people can get in..huhu..n it's quite fast n efficient..together with our luggage we waited in the train..i noticed that the singaporean were all like bz with their own thing..psp,handset,blackberry n of course,reading..i figured out that since they r using the train everyday,they must've search for something to fill in their time..when it' time for us to transit,i thought dat owh my..we must hav to walk for a long way or cross a road like in kl sentral..u noe,from the putra station to the monorail..but hell no..we juz had to get into another train cool is dat..

after almost half an hour,finally we arrived at the kallang station..we discovered that we should return the card to the ticketing machine to get da 1dollar refund..wut a system..this will definitely get everyone to return their ticket without further question..then we begun our historic journey to our hotel..y did i say historic?..well,considering the fact dat ur going to find a place in a distant country juz by yourself,without a map or guidance..juz with an incomplete cool is dat?..despite being kinda nervous,i'm kinda thrilled by the experience..

n so it begun..we played our luck juz by walking through the block of stores..we asked sum1 there,showed him the address n he told us to keep walking's lorong 20,n we only at lorong it means dat we r going to hav to walk block by block until we reached lorong we cool u's like exploring a whole new place..along the walk we discovered that this area,geylang,is not such a nice's a red light district u noe..but of course we never knew bout diz before..we juz searched on the net for the budget hotel,n we found dat it's in geylang..n dat's it..

finally we found our hotel..we r so damn tired at dat's almost 7pm at dat time..luckily there r still many rooms available..da rate is 63dollar per night..we paid for two nights n checked in..da room was quite ok..i mean ok la for a place to sleep only..after taking the long awaited n needed shower,we prayed,rested for a while n went out to eat..i felt so insecure because of the fact that this area was not pleasant at all..the fact dat it's a red light district area made it more we got back to our hotel swiftly after we finished our dinner n decided to go to bed early to prepare for the next day..tomorrow will be a very long day since we will be exploring all the places in singapore..little india,chinatown,orchard road n many more..but wut happened next was so unexpected..why did i say so?..hehe..juz wait for 'a trip to singapore:part 2,the exploration..'..:P

Thursday, June 11, 2009

accidents do happen..

accidents do happen..y did i say so?..bcoz it's true..n it juz occurred..well,actually the result for my final exam juz came out yesterday..the 1 which will decide whether we r going to go to u-noe-where or not..n it's a very nice 1..everyone's pass..therefore all of us will be going to europe for 3years this september..i'm so happy upon knowing that n decided to hang out with two of my friends,ijud n man..

we decided to spend our time today at times square..n after having an enjoyable time having lunch n playing bowling together,we decided to call it a day..during the journey back,my friend who was driving the car decided to turn right..then suddenly out of nowhere came a car hitting us at the left side of the car..the was coming at the full speed was so fortunate for us that the driver managed to brake..if he hadn't,only God knows wut could've happened..
there were so many bad things that could've happened but didn't..

-it wuz only 1 car that hit us..imagine if there was more than one..
-the type of the car that hit us..luckily it's gen 2..imagine if it's a BMW..or a mercedes..or any other luxurious car..wut would it cost us for repair?..
-we were being hit exactly at the center..imagine if we were hit at the front or at the back..of course our car would've spinned n even turned around..being hit at the center means that the impact can be lessen n projected to all parts of the car with enough balance..
n many other consequences that could be a life threatening..phew..

well..having survived this particular accident with barely any injuries really had made me reflected on a lot of things..especially bout life..we juz received the greatest news of all(passing the final exam)..then suddenly got caught up in a life threatening's like we were sent a reminder that no matter wut happens,we should always becareful n remember that our fate lies in the hand of matter how happy we r,never forget the fact that God is always there..we should always remember regarding our purpose in life..n dat is to stay devoted..forever n matter wut..