Tuesday, September 15, 2009

canterbury,kent,united kingdom,the arrival..

heyya2..long time no see..huhu..sorry for haven't posted anything for such a very long time..juz not in a mood to write since i went to singapore..but it doesn't matter..coz now i'm full with energy to write..=)

well,for the first time,i am writing this post from more than a thousand miles away from my country,malaysia..this is due to the fact that i've just arrived here in canterbury,kent,united kingdom approximately 2 days ago..finally eyh?..huhu..indeed it's true..coz after 2 years of juz talking n babbling about it,finally it happened..

to b frank,the thought of having arrived in uk n the fact that i'm going to spend the next 3years of my life here still haven't sunk in..i still think that it's all juz a dream..but wow..it's not..this is reality..

anyway..during the flight to heathrow airport,something unexpected happened..a passenger had passed away due to heart failure..a very awful experience if u ask me..then,upon our arrival at heathrow,i wuz so excited..if u have in a flight for 12 hours u'll understand why..there we met john n joana,the respected lecturers from our university n then we took 2 coaches to canterbury,kent..

about 1 n a half hour later,we arrived in canterbury,kent..i hav to admit that it's a very nice n beautiful place..when we were showed our accommodation,i wuz amazed..coz it's so splendid..(well,for 3++ pounds per month it better b)..then we took a brief tour around the city of canterbury..a very,very nice place,i hav to say again..huhu..

then on the very next day,we were showed our way around the university compound..it's a 10minutes walk from our house..the campus is great of course..but i'm going to need sum time to remember all the ways to here n there..coz i'm still a bit blur n juz followed every1 else..but no worries,coz i'm going to explore the city on my own later..

well,i think i'm going to stop here..i'll write more n more after this lads..=)..