Wednesday, April 22, 2009


finally..i'm 20..wah..1/5 out of 100..still young ker?..u usual..the older we get,means more things to be done..responsibility..getting heavier n heavier..
wah..wut am i babbling about?..haha..boring rite?..

as for my resolution,as improve on certain things..lose sum ******..collect some *****.. n so on..n da most important get it right in the final exam diz fact,i always pray that all of my friends including myself will be able to get it right n pass with flying colours..n then..for all of us to be able to go over there..u noe where..we've been dying for 2 years here n surely we wouldn't want everything to be in vain rite?..

well,it's up for us do everything dat we can within this really short period of time..remember that anything is possible..keep on learning n learning n learning until the very last minute..with enough perseverence n hard work,insyaAllah all of us will be smiling for a very long time after this..:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

the declaration of final exam..

four more weeks..almost..well,juz face it..juz four more weeks n dat's it..the final exam would be in motion..r we ready?..dat's an interesting question to answer..n only we know da rite answer..or could da question be like when will we be ready to face it?..i dun noe..u tell me..but wutever it is,when da time comes,all of us will hav to sit for exception..

it's juz dat i never realised how fast time had passed by..i still remember vividly 2 years ago when all of my friends from other courses asked me regarding my final exam..i was like naah..two years later maa..long time to go..relaks dulu maa..but now..tup's juz four weeks left..

as for the 'beloved' exam,there are going to be four papers involved..ldv,lds,es n for ldv,da main problem would be the allocation of time..diz is because based on several tests held in class by mr tan recently,it was pretty obvious dat i can't adhere to the specific time given..this has somehow affected the outcome of the for the solution,i dun noe..still trying to figure it out..

as for lds,we hav to understand clearly all the things that we've sure to understand the concept n not juz merely memorising..only then will we be able to justify the answer n obtain reasonable marks for it..

es..wah..the source of endless agony..this is because there are too many things to be covered,understand n remembered..wah..juz imagine..there are four sections in this paper..section a for poem,section b for short stories,section c for play n section d for drama..the lecturer told us before dat wutever dat had came out in the mock last year won't do so again..dat will leave us with poems with the themes of school n racism..coz war already came out rite? for short stories,anything else other than the story of an hour n everyday for play,the merchant of venice will make it's debut since an inspector calls already did..i dun noe but there r rumours circulating the shylock's characteristics..juz read la kan..we've got nothing to lose rite? for novel,both of da novels will come out n we r going to hav to choose 1..well,there rumours too regarding this..juz focus on the recent assignment..when answering,remember not to merely narrate but justify ur answers as well..

as for ss..there are so many things to discover,read n understand..juz remember to get the clear picture out of the sure dat ur answering the question not extra careful when taking a stand..dun 4get to justify ur answers with relevant examples n elaboration..regarding the rumours..i think everyone already knew bout it..environment,population n globalisation..sum1 did tell me dat any questions dat had been given by madam ann b4 would be very useful indeed..therefore we can start tracing all of them back..

well,i think dat's it for now..i hope dat all the rumours will be true..but we still need to prepare on everything just as a precaution..but time is very limited..therefore make a full use of wut's left..remember dat it's never too late to start..we juz hav to prepare ourselves n giv everything dat we hav..dun juz sit back n laze around till the very last's ok to fail after giving our best but it would be very painful indeed if we fail knowing dat actually we can do better..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

string of problems..

problems,problems n problems..hav u ever encountered a problem so huge dat it'd take a miracle to solve?..a problem where there's nothing dat u can do bout it..let alone help to solve it..the only thing u noe is dat it's not getting better each day..the question do u deal with it? we run away form it?..pretend dat nothing's happening?..succumb to the pressure?..or juz face it?..

the appropriate answer'd be to face it of matter how bad..or how disastrous da's juz sum1 will find it hard to do so especially if actually it can be avoided in the 1st place..but,wutever happens,happens..n there's nothing dat we can do bout it..we can only learn from it n move on..juz let go of da past n keep moving forward..

Friday, April 17, 2009

passport woes..

tired..long..endless..hopeless..some of the words dat can be used to describe my day today..i went to get my passport done with my dad n turned out to be the longest day friend told me dat it's going to take only 2 hours to get it done after we had submitted da form..wut he didnt tell me wuz dat the process of submitting da damn form will take bout 3-4 hours!!!..imagine dat..

wut the heck..i remembered when i took my number it's dat moment they r serving customers numbered 1070..wah..70 more to go..dat's y it took more than 3 hours..wut a great service..way to go malaysia yeah..

during the loooooooooooooooooooooooong wait,i managed to read almost every page of the star newspaper and a malay newspaper..kosmo matter how boring or lame da headings,i still read n i understand why people always lament each time they hav to go to the imegresen or da jpn..

wutever it is,i managed to get it done thanks to my father's patience..i hope dat i'll do well in the upcoming exam to ensure dat all of these'll not be in wait..dun juz it..n i will..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

at last..

yeah..finally the losing streak ends..finally the drought for medal for 5years comes to an end..i dun noe wut to say actually..except for dat i'm damn happy..finally i managed to acquire the bronze medal in the 1500metres event last evening..wah..i can't believe it's like all the efforts has been paid off..wut a great relief..

as for the race,i dun noe wut's happening to me..during da race,my mind wuz telling me to stop's my leg dat keep on running n running towards da finish line..

well,even though dat it's juz a bronze,i'm really thankful for least i got something ain't i?..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

pros n cons..

here r some of the pros n cons of going out alone..
-u can go anywhere u want
-u can hav ur meal anywhere u want
-u can be at any places during da outing period
-u can do wutever u want
-u can hav ur meal anytime u want
-u can go back anytime u want
-u dun need to cater to anyone else's necessity but yourself
-u get to spend sum times with ur ownself
-u get to know urself better

-ur alone
-dat's it

well,considering on all the facts n reasons,i think that
going out alone is better..rite?..yeah..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

not today..

hahaha..well,i dun noe wut happened but believe it or not,my event for today has been postponed to monday..dat means i still hav two more days to prepare n prepare n prepare..wutever it is,i hope dat i'll be able to giv my best diz coming monday n end the losing streak..yeah..

btw,today something interesting had occurred..some of my friends were discussing juz now on going for an outing diz evening..since there r too many movies out there,they were arguing on which movies to watch..well,in the end,one of them has to attend da cheerleading practice n therefore might have to cancel da whole thing.. for me,this incident has proven to me dat it's better to go out alone..dun u tink so?..huhu..but wutever it is,there are still da pros n cons..


today is going to be a big day for me because believe it or not,i'm going to compete in the 1500 metres men's final..again..hell yeah,again..well,let's juz hope dat i won't screw this 1 big time..enough already..wut did i mean by enough btw?..well,failure n me..we've gone a long way together..

back there in 2004,when i was in form 3,i competed in the school marathon..i trained very hard n hoped dat i'll be able to clinch the top tenth spot so that i could represent my school in the district competition..on da day of the competition,i ran very well n guess wut,i held the 11th spot..owh my..juz 1 more..i accepted it calmly n vowed dat i'll do better next year..

then on the following year,in 2005,i competed again..this time i hope to be among the top ten because only those will be awarded with medals..guess wut,i got the 11th spot again..owh my..never mind,maybe later..

after that,last year in ipba,i competed in the 1500 metres final n i hope to be able to at least clinch the third place so that i'll be able to bring back the bronze..guess wut,i held the number fourth spot..owh my..i was this close u wuz a very close race..i kind of passed out after da race..thanks to faiz for carrying me back to my room..huhu..well,at that time i felt really,really disappointed..coz it had happened countless times..

therefore i hope dat today will be different..i hope dat i'll be able to break all of the nonsense records of other words,i want to end da losing streak..enough is enough rite?..well,i'm going to do it..insyaAllah i'll succeed..

Saturday, April 4, 2009


hav u ever been to an outing alone by yourself?..only u noe da answer to dat particular for me,i juz did today..finally after quite a long time i did it again..n guess wut..i felt so gud juz now..

well,u might think dat it's boring to go out alone n hav fun juz on ur's not..really it isn't..when u r out there alone,it's u who decide everything..on whether or not u want to watch a many movies u want to watch..which kind of movies..where do u wanna hav ur meal..when ur going to hav fact,'s like u r spending times with ur ownself..

to be frank,since i came to college merely 2 years ago,i rarely go out alone..i dun noe y..but then when i finally did 2day,i feel so gud n calm..mayb i'm not suitable to go out with the presence of other lads..mayb i'm a 1 man person..when it comes to outing of course..

well,i'm sure dat diz isn't the last..there'll be more to come of course..hope dat the feeling will last..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

make each day count..

to make each day count..sounds familiar isnt it?..well,it's dat famous phrase from da movie titanic..
the point is,i'm in a deep confusion currently..well,it's nothing big but it's juz a surge of mixed feeling..

it's regarding my life..suddenly i feel that it's too predictable..i mean it's like everything has already been planned and i juz go out there n make it a u can see,i'm studying tesl currently n i'm in my last semester of da foundation final will be in may and with God's will,on september this year i'm going sumwhere for 3 years..then back for 1 year practicum before finally off to teach the secondary students..then maybe i'll work for three or four years before getting married..then u noe wut'd it be..
the point here is that,it seems like there would be less adventure in living out my life since everything has already been set according to plan..

well,i want my life to be unpredictable..i want every day to be a new day for other words,i want it to be full of adventures..i want to wake up every morning not knowing what's gotta happen..or who am i going to meet..juz like wut jack said in the movie titanic,to make each day count..