Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost Season 5 Premieres Offers Many Clues..

Finally,the most anticipated tv series has returned..lost is currently making it's debut for da fifth season in USA with two hours premiere plus with da season intro for 1 hour..therefore we can say that it had whipsawed us during the premiere,but hell's a damn good whipsawing..

There was plenty of things going on and viewers cant miss any single details to fully understand it..In the first episode entitled "Before You Left",opened with da discovery of the large circular cog during the making of da orchid station..please note that ben pushed the circular cog at the end of season 4 to "move" the island..pliz notice that

-daniel faraday was there looking exactly da same..(how come?'s in the 70s)

Therefore they had throwed us a bone that "time travel" is involved..back in the camp on the island,the survivors realised that all of their belongings and camp had vanished..faraday then told them that it's not vanished,but hasnt been build yet..

well,while we still longing for those mysteries,let us not forget other mysteries including:

-are the survivors moving back and forth through time or is the island?
-if the island is moving through time,why did it vanish?
-what happened to claire?
-why does widmore want all the survivors killed?
-why does widmore want the island?
-what is the black smoke monster?

it's still like a huge pile of loose strings slowly tightening to where u can start see the outline of something and how it all works for me,i'm looking forward for this season to find out why do they need to get back to the island since all the mysteries will unravel themselves most probably in the final season..

Global Crunch..

the global crunch..
does it make any sense?..
well,it makes all the senses in the world..
as we all know,da world r now facing economic recession resulting in wut we call global crunch..
all the prices have gone up..including r we going to survive this?..

well,it's not a simple question n yet,not a difficult question too..for those who r working,try to tighten ur grip on ur work n save as many as u can..try to set up an emergency account just in case..

for da students,use all ur sources of income wisely n never may be dat da time has come for u to say gudbye to latest gadgets or fancy clothes..

we didnt know for sure when will this damn recession end but we can do something bout it for sure..hence,persevere n never quit..

major events..


it's me again..'s always me..
always be..
n always will..
let's cut the crap..

the current major events in my life are as follows:

-forum on da population issues,critical review.(social studies)(5/2/09)
-agama presentation.(i'm da 6th person to present,wonder when will dat be)
-ongoing assessment is better than public examination.(ldv)(2/3/09)
-essay for es.(english studies)(unknown)
-oral-oral test.(ldv)

n da most important thing of all..

final examination(4/5-7/5) or (18/5-21/5)..
yeah..still torn between da dates..
da 1 which will determine da fate of all of us..

whether my 2years of studying here is worth my time or else..
well..whatever it is..i'm working my way towards it..
hope dat it will not be in vain..

Friday, January 2, 2009

The countdown begins

Fans of the futuristic action thriller Terminator Salvation have been all agog after viewing early footage from the movie,which hits the screen in May..Avoid the tricky timeline set in the tv series 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' because the director Joseph McGinty Nichol(McG) is completely ignoring the TV show's storylines altogether..

The fourth Terminator film which stars Christian Bale as John Conor and Sam Worthington as the Terminator Marcus Wright. It also introduces a young version of the first film's hero, Kyle Reese,played by Anton Yelchin. The film, set in 2018, focuses on the war between humanity and Skynet. It abandons the formula of previous entries in the series, which involved the Terminator and various other characters traveling through time to protect or kill John Connor.

Whether McG and his crew manage 2 pull it off,we won't be able to tell for sure until May 2009..But judging from the latest trailer,it is obvious that this particular movie is the grittiest among its predecessor..

angels and demons

It's been 3 years since the novel adaptation of dan brown 'the da vinci code' hits da big turned out to be a huge success grossing $758 million the other novel adaptation is set to emerge into the big screen..

In this prequel to 'the da vinci code" novel,the film follows the story of Robert Langdon, a well-known Harvard symbologist investigating a murder victim, branded with the Illuminati ambigram. Following his investigation, he soon discovers that a cult group is on a trail to murder four cardinals and destroy the St. Peter's Basilica during a papal gathering..

This movie will take you across Rome with Tom Hans reprising his role as Robert Langdon and Ewan McGregor as Carmerlengo Carlo Ventresca..For those who have read this novel surely can't wait to watch it..As usual,let's juz hope that they wont screw this 1 big time..Whatever it is,it's only in May will we be able to view the outcome of the movie..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the lost love

The lost love..what do u think it means? me it carries out the meaning of the love which should've been shown but due to an apparent reason,it hadn't..recently i saw this particular scene in smallville season3 during the memoria episode which i felt best described the term above..

In this particular scene,lex luthor told lionel(his father) that actually he didn't kill his own brother when he was small but his mother first,his father didnt believe him and asked him violently why lex took da blame in the first place..lex reacted by saying that since he is the sole heir to his father inheritance,therefore his father wouldnt do anything to harm him..but if his mother confessed,then she would be the lamb of slaughter by his father..lionel was devastated upon hearing this revelation and told lex that things would've been very different between them if he knew the means that he might've actually love his son unconditionally..he wouldnt be stern and cold towards him all these years..but lex told him that it is too late n left his father in a deep regret..

Well,it is obvious that this scene showed how dreadful could it be if the love is lost..especially if it is lost over a misunderstanding or else..therefore we should never abandon or hide our love and passion towards the person who deserve it in the first place especially our family..coz we might regret it later in life..

ps:you can watch the clip of this scene at youtube,juz type smallville memoria lex and lionel final scene..