Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Trip-Bienvenue a Paris Bonjour Bonjour

Well, since it’s summer, u can’t expect me to work all the way rite?..there must a quick getaway or wut u called, a trip..yup..summer trip..after coming with numerous plans, finally my fren n I decided to pay a visit to the most romantic city o Earth, Paris of’s a 3 days n 2 nights visit..

We went there on Friday by usual, went to London first before changing bus straight to Paris..eurolines..dat’s da name of the company..the trip was during the night therefore we juz slept all the way..i remembered waking up in the middle of the nite feeling uneasy n slightly hot..turned out that we r in a train..meaning the bus that we were in were in a train..i was like..ok cool..haha..then dozed off again..

We arrived in the morning at the bus first, we didn’t know wut to do n too afraid since it’s a general fact that the French doesn’t speak English..they even despise it..but out of desperation, we tried our luck n actually, in Paris it’s fine..but if u go deeper into France such as Lyon or Marseille, then it would have been a problem..our first destination, Eiffel tower..we were supposed to meet a fren there before beginning our journey throughout Paris..she’s kinda late therefore we got to spend hours in front of the Eiffel’s cool actually..lying down on the grass overlooking the tower..feels so relaxing..

When she finally arrived, we went to our lodging..but since it’s too too crappy,we decided to stay in a hotel instead..the cost is actually almost the same compared to the’s juz we backpackers usually assumed that hostel is always cheap n therefore didn’t mind to search for’s ok, more trips to come after this=)..

Since we’ve got plenty of times, we managed to cover almost all the attractions in the city..Eiffel tower, the Louvre where they kept Mona Lisa portrait, the Notre Dame where Quasimodo used to live, the Opera House where Phantom of the Opera used to be, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur which is located at the highest point of the city n we even went to the Stade de France, the stadium where France last won the World Cup defeating Brazil in 1998..

Overall, this trip was a success..plenty of times, nice lodging n of course, nice places..Paris is really a must go city for everyone in I understand y people doesn’t make a much fuss if u said that u’ve been to Sweden, Denmark or others but quickly caught in amazement if u said that u’ve been to Paris=)..the city is just amazing=)


  1. I'm here, at last! hehe..
    almaklum owg xde tenet kat umah..hihi
    dun forget to update kat m'sia ny skali taw..
    ur video yg suprise tu..super duper cool!

  2. last!!!..haha
    yup surely will..
    really?..thanks..6 months tahan simpan rahsia tuu..huhu

  3. noh, insyaAllah, im goin there in the next spring..
    at least now i know about places that i should visit later..
    btw, nice entry!

  4. amin..may it be a successful trip..hav to go to all the places stated above ya..haha