Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I read this short story a long time ago somewhere. Thought of sharing it with u guys.

I know that you’re mad at me. Well, it’s obvious from the way you looked at me just now. Wait, you didn’t even look at me. I tried to talk to you, but you were ignoring me completely. I’ve apologized million times. Can’t you just let it go already? I knew that it was my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. And I won’t, I promised you. Today was the worst day I’ve had. I just can’t bear the thought of losing you as my best friend. I don’t know about you but I’ve regarded you as part of me. We’ve shared so many things together and went through so many things. I couldn’t focus at all in class just now. In my mind, I was thinking of all the adventures that we went through. I was also thinking of apologizing to you again after school. I looked for you and there you were. I followed you and called you. But you did not answer. I called you again, this time louder, same thing happened. After a few minutes, you wanted to cross a road. Without wasting any time, I called you again. I wanted to tell you that there was a big lorry coming your way. But you weren’t paying any attention!! So I ran towards you and pushed you aside. I looked ahead and saw the lorry right in front of me. If there’s still time I wanna tell you, we are friends forever..

Now that’s what we called a true friend, never give up till the end. Never take ur friendship for granted as we never know what lies ahead. Always appreciate ur friendship, n never wait until when it's too late..


  1. i once gt this story SMS by a fren~:)
    but beware of 'friend' that close with you for's hard to find 1 that really accept us for who we are like siblings...sisters/brothers are forever friends~:)

  2. hehe same..i saw this in my sis's hp..long time ago :D
    totally agree with u..for me,no matter what happened, nothing can beat the love of a family..their love is what we call unconditional love..btw,bout the friendship thingy,i recommend u to read this article especially the last part :D

  3. nice post.. :) but, a friend in need isn't always a friend indeed..sounds like i'm so -ve thinker but maybe dah serik kot..huhu

  4. thanks=)..yup i noe bout ur situation..but that's not a reason to giv up entirely in the searching for true's a long shot,but worth a try=)

  5. u sound like a goddamn #$%^ to me..

  6. come on anonymous..grow up will ya

  7. I almost thought u were talking to me.. heh! =P

  8. Huhuhu....well sometimes I don't give back what my friends give to me, their attention and care....So I back off from that friendship because I think that it is not a fair relationship huhuhuhu

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