Friday, February 18, 2011

If I am Rich

Hav u ever imagined what would you do if u suddenly become rich?..what would you buy?..where would you live?..well,I have :P

If I am rich..

I will buy Moonlight

My bedroom will have a window which can look for the world

My pet with the diamond teeth

My pretty servant always ready

My glass made only by original diamond

If I have time, I will play golf on the boat

My security for 24 hours

Only spring water from the Himalayas to flush my toilet

Toilet Paper

Only Expensive Perfume can fill in my swimming pool

Only a professional can wash my car which was gold plated

My laptop with diamond edging and has Intel Pentium IX with 30 Gigabite Ram

My travelling car

My holiday house

I guess that's all..I hope that one day they will become reality..who knows rite? :D


  1. hoit!!!ini over ye!!!haha!
    ni tanbah : belanja kawan chom2 weekly!:D

  2. it will be a reality one day..haha!!..weekly?..everyday la baru best :D

  3. tak tahu kenapa. tapi rasa nak sekeh sekeh noah. hahahaha. gilaaa :P

  4. eida:garangnya..haha..relaks relaks..imaginasi tinggi..haha

    rexten:what would u do trex if ur rich?..hahaha

  5. hahaha.....gile best ur entry nih..

  6. ko jadi apprentice hugh hefner la noh... haha

  7. haha, entah bila nak kayo nih??? Nice entry... suker2...

  8. ili:haha..thank!!..angan2..haha
    haikal:dok apply x dapat2..haha
    azham:tq tq..terlampau nak kaya sampai da jadi mereng :D