Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Test

Test..Well, what do you think?..everyone will, at some point of their lives be facing it..it can be in any forms..for students, it’s more or less like the examination crap..all the way through our lives we had been through numerous tests..UPSR,PMR,SPM,STPM and even in the university..for me, none of the tests listed above can be as important as this one that I’m about to share..
In one night in 2004, when I was in form 3, after finishing our tuition class, my friend, let’s call him rooney, and I were waiting for my dad to pick us up..we were talking about wutever crap when suddenly I asked him bout his friendship with our classmate, Kate (definitely not a real name).he said that they were fine as friend..then he asked me the same question bout me with our other classmate, Lisa (again, not a real name) n I answered the same thing..the thing is, Kate and Lisa were very close same as me with rooney. Suddenly a thought popped into my head..Kindly read the dialogue below :p

Me: Dude, enough with this friendship crap!!
Rooney: What do you mean?
Me: Let’s make a move..
Rooney: U mean, confess?
Me: Yup..I mean, they were showing plenty of good signs..
Rooney: Hmm, ur sure it’s not false hope?
Me: Of course not, trust me dude
Rooney: Hmm, u r rite..when?
Me: Tonite?
Rooney: wahhh..wutever u say dude..
Me: Tomorrow we’ll report on each other k
Rooney: Alrite

N so we did it that nite..we were shocked to learn that both of them gave us the same answer..which is to meet them at recess time tomorrow..we were like ya alrite..during the meeting, they told us that they didn’t believe us..they thought that we wanted to play a trick on them..so we did our best to explain that our feelings were real n we had no intention of joking at all..then, Kate and Lisa told us to give them one week to think about it..and in the meantime, they told us to do what we should do..n so it began..
Throughout the week Rooney n me did everything that we could to prove our feelings..kindly read the list below
-change our seating position to be near them..
-offer to accompany them in walking back home from school everyday
-refrain ourselves from talking to other girls (this is really hard, seriously :p)
-send them nice message everyday
-create a poem for them n read it in front of them (seriously this was really embarrassing)
And on the very last day, we gave them a rose each, a very delicate one I supposed :p

I have always regarded those 7 days as a test that Rooney and I had to face..in that 7 days, we had done everything that we could n gave everything that we had towards it..for me, it will always be the most important test in my whole life and I will never ever forget about it =)


  1. "Let's make a move" haha. did you really make a move noah? :D

  2. haha..of course..zaman muda dulu sgt berani..hehe

  3. sekarang anda sangat penakut la yehh. haha

  4. eida:sekarang da bersara..haha
    trex:lupe nak tulis ending..haha..rase nye cmne?

  5. hey.....me cam lost here...u did all that to both ur frens?whoa...tapikan,wat da purpose?O.o"
    p/s :siap tulis poem tuh..haha..wat a test!:D
    nice entry..^^

  6. HAHAHA!!!LOLS!!!aperkebender ni noah???=P

  7. hi..my name is anonymous..

  8. norfa:heyya2..not like that..my fren n me did all those things to Kate n Lisa..da purpose?..they gave us one week to prove our feelings..so that's y..get it?..huhu

    anonymous:it's a test :D

  9. so in the end did they say yes and how long did it last till you guys broke up???=P

  10. oh....haha...now me fhm..form 3,ok la to say zaman innocence...hehe~sweet..^^

  11. anonymous:the ending was quite complicated..it's not a 'no' of course..hahaha
    norfa:cool..huhu..form 3 was the best year ever..innocence n full of passion..hihi..thanks btw:D

  12. nice2... keep on posting this kind of story.. haha

  13. hahaha...let's make a move! hahahaha

  14. i like to move it move it..hahahaha