Monday, February 14, 2011

History of Mobile Phone

looking at the title one must've thought that this entry will be about the history of the creation of mobile phone..well,that's definitely not true..instead,it will be about all of my previous hp :P

this was my first ever hp back in dad gave it to me coz at that time,i was attending lot n lot of tuition classes n he said that it's necessary for me to have one so that i could giv him a call when i'm done..i remember that when he told me that,i managed to maintain a cool n macho face in front of him..after he went away,i was shouting like crazy..finally,a hp!! more borrow borrow from my sis :P..he also mentioned that never misuse comment..lalalala

haha..i only used this one for a couple of days before it got's my sister' first camera this time,even if the camera was like only 0.0001 megapixel,it still cool..missing those days..phew..

haha again..i used this one after spm until i've finished my so 'damn good' National actually belong to my brother's friend..not quite sure really..lalalala..well,i kinda like this one the most because of the sentimental value that most the sms in it contained..from who?..we'll get to that some other time :P..unfortunately they're all gone after this hp died..sigh

lalalala..after my previous one died,i did manage to land my hand on this one..bought it in mid valley in 2007..therefore was damn expensive..not a very smart move actually..hate the silver keypad thingy coz after a few days got the chocolate thingy (karat i supposed?)..not a nice phone,sorry..lalalala

then at the end of the yer 2007,my modern mobile era's N73..with 3.2mp camera,it's quite cool at that time..unfortunately,it didn't last long..battery,housing n other things were shit..seriously..

i managed to obtain this one after selling the shitty previous's bout april 2008 i guess..i was the first to use a 5mp camera phone among my peers..kinda unique thing bout this phone is the keypad..damn tiny n hard to use..but i managed myself well..well, addicted with tennis game..seriously,managed to beat federer n agassi,u name it..haha..but as usual,did not last long..sigh masterpiece..managed to sell the previous one to get this one in april 2009..turned out to be the best purchase ever..the camera is superb..5mp with carl zeiss optic n with xenon flash..the only model with that kinda flash..other nokia models only hav carl zeiss optic without the that explains it all :p..still using it now..that's y i've mentioned before that it's the best purchase's been almost 2 years now..hope that it will last forever..i phone 4? way..just a waste of money if u ask me..haha

last but not least,this one is my second phone..coz i did use 2 numbers back in malaysia,so decided to hav a 2nd phone..still in gud collecting dust coz i only use lebara the greatest here..

dat's it for mobile phone..i understand that it's a must,but try not to be tempted with all the so called great models on the's just a gimic..after a while,a more interesting one will come y bother?..dat's only my generous opinion=)


  1. gud answer..but try not to be part of the system..haha

  2. this is just great laa. listing all the phone you had been using. hahaha

  3. n sooo nostalgic..coz each model has got their own history..hihi

  4. noh, ko buat aku rase nak post entry pasal rokok aku hisap dr kecik sampai skang... HAHA

  5. hahahahahahahahahahha..series menarik..ape kate ko list sume brand yg penah di try?..then tulis bout each brand..

  6. haikal ngade.banyak banyak benda rokok jugak dia nak list. memang nak kena lepuk laa

  7. hahaha... ok, cikgu dh marah.. buat psl mende laen lahh... haha

  8. hehe maaf cikgu..kami budak baru belajar :P

  9. contract is a big nooooooo..but not to buy is the best way..hahahaha